Fix Error 15A0 and 15A1 in Canon G3060 Printer Series

Support codes are a direct indication of error codes and occurring issues. And we’ve added two errors, 15A0 and 15A1, that we’ll discuss the cause and its solution. Canon G3060 Printers are all-in-one inkjet models with a Wireless network, easily refillable, and high volume printing. It performs print, copy, and scan. When your Canon G3060 […]

Fix Error 6902 in Canon G4200 Printer

An error in the Canon printer isn’t pleasant for the machine; however, it’s a better sign to recognize the trouble or issue inside the printer. Therefore, the Canon G4200 Printer displays the error code in its display so that you can look up the root of the problem. These codes are specific for each Canon […]

Fixing PIXMA TR150 Error 410C

Error codes in canon printer indicate the symptoms of any issue. And with each code, the solution is also available. Canon PIXMA TR150, the portable wireless printer, may encounter the error code 410C. If you have the model TR150 and get the error code 410C, you’ve to take the appropriate action shown in this article. […]

Fixing Canon Print Job Error 853 on Windows 10

A choice of millions of users around the world, the Canon printers are known for their outstanding print jobs. The versatility of the Canon printers is well known and applauded by millions. It delivers the best of the services it specializes in. Other than effective printing, the Canon printer is great for scanning, copying, and […]

Fixing Canon Printer in Error State Issue

Printers have taken a seat in our households, and with them at home, you can get any of your project prints and other crucial documents printed and delivered at the right time. The Canon is the most trusted printer manufacturer, having the most preferred series of printers used in houses, offices, businesses, and institutions. With […]

Resolving Canon printer error 5c20

Are you a Canon printer user? Have you been noticing an error code 5c20 in your Canon printer? You may probably be an owner of an MX series from Canon. The error 5c20 has been mostly reported by the MX series owners around the world. Don’t get bothered with such an error, and instead of […]

Fixing Error Code 006 in Canon Printers

Canon printers often reflect the error code 006 while running their Service Tool. This tool is used to reset your Canon printer, and it is during the resetting of your printer when you happen to cross paths with the error code 006. Using a Service Tool in your Canon printer lets you reset your printer’s […]

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