Android’s homescreen widget for Chrome’s ‘Dino Run’ Important Highlights-game

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  • Chrome’s popular Dino Run game is soon going to make its way as a widget on Android devices.
  • To download the “Quick Action Search Widget,” the Android users must have Chrome Canary installed.

Now you can jump onto play your favorite ‘Dino Run’ game without having to wait for the internet network failure or intentionally open Chrome without the mobile data on. Google has developed a dedicated shortcut way to get into Chrome’s game, a ‘Dino Run’ game widget for Android devices. It will expectedly be matching with the homescreen widget of Chrome for iOS.

Google is evidently giving prominence to Android homescreen widgets for the last few months to match up with the widgets feature available for iOS 14. Some of the existing features in iOS are offered by Google itself, unavailable for Android.

To download the early version of the “Quick Action Search Widget,” you need to be an Android user with Google Chrome Canary installed on the device. Presently, there are four empty slots under development.

 The slots, similar to that of the iOS version are expected to be included for Android. The homescreen shortcut in iOS features a search bar, including a voice search button, an incognito tab, and a QR code scanner. The shortcuts even include small widgets meant for Google searches and the Dino Run game.

Android needs the shortcut to the chrome://dino page for the game, similar to that in iOS make it accessible to be played online by just tapping on it once. The iOS widget features the Dino Run game’s dinosaur in the desert setting with the cactus plant to be seen as we already know. This is what is expected in Android also.

The Dino Run widget is almost ready to be featured on the Android homescreen and may soon be available in Chrome Canary within a matter of few days. It may be launched alongside the quick-action widget in Chrome 94 coming this September.

Android’s homescreen widget for Chrome’s ‘Dino Run’ Important Highlights-game
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