Canon Printer: Methods to use Maintenance Functions from PC

Maintenance is the most vital part of each machine. Canon printer models also need maintenance as dust, dry ink, or other stuck material slows down the printer or sometimes stops printing. You are also required to use some machine cleaning procedures as well. This article will discuss the Maintenance functions to perform from your computer.

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When do you need to perform maintenance functions in Canon Printer?

It’s best if you perform maintenance functions after a certain period. Whenever you see the Canon is printing slow, start the process. Also, if your printer is continuously running its printing functions, you should take a break and start the maintenance.

Maintenance Functions In Windows

If you are a Windows user, go through the below methods to maintain your Canon printer from Windows PC.

  1. Getting Start to Maintenance Tool 

Canon drivers comes with a maintenance tool called Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool. Installing MP drivers in your Windows PC install the maintenance tool automatically. 

  • Go to the Canon website and download MP drivers.
  • Install MP drivers and tick on Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool to install on your PC.
  • In the printer driver, open the Maintenance tab and click on the Maintenance and Preferences icon.
  • Use Windows Start Menu and open Canon Utilities from all apps.
  • Click on “IJ Printer Assistant Tool” to start it.
  1. Print Heads Cleaning

With the Maintenance Tool, you get the Print Heads Cleaning function. This function lets you clear the clogged print head nozzle. If you see a specific color isn’t printing or printing is faint or any other ink-related issue, then perform the below steps; 

  • From Start Menu, click Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool and open it. 
  • You’ll find the Clean/Cleaning option. Click the Cleaning tab.
  • The dialog box of Print Head Cleaning opens. Here, click on the ink group that you need to clean.
  • Before it performs Cleaning, you need to click Initial Check Items. It’ll show you items that require to be checked.
  • Execute cleaning by clicking on Execute. Ensure the Canon printer is ON. 
  • The process of Print head cleaning will start quickly.
  • Now, finish the cleaning. For it, wait for the confirmation message, hit OK, and you’ll see the dialog box of Nozzle Check.
  • Print the Check Pattern to see whether the print quality has improved or not.

Points to note: If you see that the cleaning head doesn’t fix the print head issue, try the above method again to clean the head one more. Otherwise, follow the same process but select Deep Cleaning in place of the “Cleaning” option. Also, if you see print results are uneven, adjust the print head position. 

  1. Adjust Print Head Position

If there’s an error in the print head installation position, you may experience color and line shifts issues. When you adjust the print head position, it enhances the quality of the print. One can adjust the Print head position automatically. However, you can finish it manually as well.

  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Ensure you’ve installed “Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool” in your Windows PC and open it.
  • Click on “Custom Settings” and wait for it to see the Custom Settings dialog box.
  • Manually set the Align heads to set manual adjustment.
  • Click OK to apply settings. In the confirmation message, hit on OK tab. 
  • Hit on Print Head Alignment, then load papers in Canon printer and click Start.
  • Enter the pattern numbers in the entry fields and preview and check the printed patterns. Also, see the printed patterns.
  • Click OK once entries are done.
  • Check message and hit OK again.   
  • Finish the Complete head position adjustment. 

Maintenance Functions In Mac

Mac users need to follow a few different methods for cleaning and maintaining functions;

  1. Get Started With Remote UI

Change the settings using the Remote UI to perform maintenance.  

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  • Open System Preferences on your Mac PC.
  • Click on the Printers & Scanners tab.
  • Click on the printer model number you are using currently.
  • Then, hit on Options & Supplies.
  • Open the General tab and click on the Show Printer Webpage.
  • Remote UI will start quickly.

2. Print Heads Cleaning 

Print head cleaning is the same as used in Windows PC. But the function is different in macOS. Here’s how to clean print heads through macOS.

  • Open Remote UI using the above steps and click Utilities.
  • Hit on the Cleaning option. Ensure your printer is turned on.
  • To execute Cleaning, click Yes and start the Print head cleaning.
  • If you see nozzle check pattern printing notification, your Canon printer cleaning is done.
  • See the results if the print quality is improved. If the cleaning head doesn’t resolve the issue, you can repeat the process.  
  • Otherwise, use the “Deep Cleaning” option in place of Cleaning. 

3. Adjust Print Head Position

Incorrect print head position can cause line shifts and color differences. When you adjust it, you get quality print results.

  • Open Remote UI and click on the “Utilities” tab. 
  • A message appears, then click on the Auto head alignment tab.
  • Put some papers in Canon Printer in the rear tray.
  • Ensure that the printer is in ON mode. 
  • Click Yes and let the head alignment start.
  • See the messages you are receiving on the screen and follow accordingly.    
  1. Optimize The Ink Status From Mac 

Your Mac computer can easily show you the left ink level and the model’s FINE cartridge type. See the types and ink levels. When you want to check the ink status of the Canon printer, then the Print dialog pop-up menu displays here; click on Supply Levels. Use Remote UI to select Printer status, and you can see the ink status as an illustration. Also, you’ll automatically get the ink levels notification in cases of no ink or low ink.

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To recognize more for print quality of the Canon printer, Print nozzle check pattern and see how’s your Canon model is printing. If the only maintenance functions aren’t making your Canon printer work, you’ll require to perform manual Cleaning of the print head and other parts of the machine to make it clean from dust, ink, and more. 

Canon Printer: Methods to use Maintenance Functions from PC
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