Fix Error 1369 and 1643 in Canon GX6020 Series

If Canon GX6020 printer users encounter ink-related issues, then Error 1369 and 1643 will appear on your Canon printer screen. Solutions for both errors are also given in this blog. The error 1369 appears when the ink is insufficient to perform cleaning, and the error 1643 appears when one ink tank in your Canon printer becomes low. 

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Error Code 1369 

The error code 1369 displays ink issues in the Canon GX6020 printer. If you see the code 1369, follow the below instructions to fix it. Before you take any action, know the cause of this error.  

Cause –

If the ink is insufficient to perform cleaning, the error 1396 quickly appears.    

Troubleshooting steps:-

  1. When the error 1369 occurs, press OK or touch OK on the touch screen.
  2. It’ll cancel the error message.
  3. Make sure the ink is full or enough.
  4. Lift the scanning unit and open the ink tank cover.
  5. Refill the ink tank. Fill each color tank to the upper limit line. 
  6. Close the ink tank cap and the scanning unit.
  7. Perform the ink flush when necessary because it uses a lot of ink. 
  8. Now, you can easily perform the cleaning process. 
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Error Code 1643

The error 1643 is also related to the ink level issue. Here we’ve given the cause of the error 1643;

Cause –

When one tank of your Canon GX6020 printer gets a low level of ink, you see the error 1643 code on the screen, which suggests you refill that ink tank.

Troubleshooting steps:-

  1. First, check the ink level of all ink tanks in your Canon GX6020 printer. 
  2. The indicators for all ink tanks are displayed on the printer’s front. 
  3. If you see any ink tank level low, the error is regarding this tank level.
  4. Ink below the lower limit line is supposed to be filled.
  5. Purchase the ink of the tank that’s not working.
  6. Then lift the scanning unit and open the cover of the lower ink tank.
  7. Open the new ink box seal and fill the ink tank of your Canon GX6020.
  8. Close all opened covers and restart the printer.

If you still see the error 1369 or 1643, you should change the ink tank completely, or maybe the ink cartridge is damaged. Contact nearby canon service center.  

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Fix Error 1369 and 1643 in Canon GX6020 Series
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