Fix Error 15A0 and 15A1 in Canon G3060 Printer Series

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Support codes are a direct indication of error codes and occurring issues. And we’ve added two errors, 15A0 and 15A1, that we’ll discuss the cause and its solution. Canon G3060 Printers are all-in-one inkjet models with a Wireless network, easily refillable, and high volume printing. It performs print, copy, and scan. When your Canon G3060 Printer’s ink tanks become out of ink, your printer shows you code 15A0. However, when your Canon printer operation has not been completed, the 15A1 error appears. Let’s see how you can resolve both of these errors.

Error 15A0 and Its Solutions

Ink tanks in inkjet printers are essential because print output depends on the ink. In addition, inkjet tanks are replaceable, and one can easily refill the ink also. Error 15A0 appears when your printer’s ink tanks get empty, it simply means there’s no ink.

How to fix error 15A0 in Canon printer G3060?

As the error occurs due to ink shortage in ink tanks, you’ve to change the tank to refill it. Here’s how to pour ink without any trouble;

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  • Lift the cover or scanning unit of Canon printer G3060.
  • Open tank cap on the left side of the internal printer.
  • Ensure you have a new ink bottle. Open it by twisting the bottle’s cap.
  • Fit the ink bottle’s top into the printer inlet.
  • Wait for the ink to complete pouring.
  • Close the tank cap.
  • The system will show initializing ink system and wait for it to complete the installation.
  • Close the cover or scanning unit.
  • Use the left and right buttons and press on OK, then select Yes.

Error 15A1 and its Solutions   

If everything is perfectly functioning and you give a command, but the printer operation has not finished or given print commands are incomplete, the error 15A1 appears. So, how would you resolve this issue? The answer is given below;

Fix 1 – Install or Update Printer Drivers 

Canon printer G3060 drivers, and software get old or corrupt after some time, so you’ve to update these printer drivers. Otherwise, reinstalling the canon printer software and driver is workable. Visit or insert the disc to reinstall or update the printer drivers.

Fix 2 – Printer Setup

When error 15A1 occurs, a message also displays on your Canon printer G3060 LCD. All you have to do is, follow the instructions shown on the printer’s LCD. Then use the right and left buttons and press OK to choose a setting item and continue with the printer setup.

If you are operating from your smartphone or tablet and the error 15A1 appears, finish the printer setup completely. Thereafter, try operating once more.

We hope the above instructions have helped you sustain with errors 15A0 and 15A1. If you still see any printer error on your Canon G3060 printer, contact a nearby Canon service center. 

Fix Error 15A0 and 15A1 in Canon G3060 Printer Series
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