Google Assistant getting introduced to ‘Quick phrases’ feature

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Important Highlights-

  • Google Assistant is to be introduced with a brand-new ‘Quick phrases’ feature.
  • The feature emerged back in April with the codename Guacamole.

Google Assistant is reportedly expecting an update with an introduction to a feature called “Quick phrases.” This feature will allow you to instruct Google Assistant to perform a particular task without having to say, “Hey, Google.” However, the feature is yet to be made public, while the date and time are yet uncertain about its scheduled launch. Also, the devices to be supporting the feature is yet untold.

This feature was codenamed Google Guacamole and surfaced back in April. The details that came out about the feature rendered that it was only capable of silencing the alarms and timers or answering the incoming phone calls. Now it has been reported to have expanded its range of performances, or “salsas.” Now, the task incorporated in the feature includes the weather information, skipping songs, setting alarms, and more.

Noticeably, on the Settings menu, you will seem to have to manually enable specific commands to make them work without saying “Hey, Google,” and thus your voice will then be matched to make sure they only react to your unique voice.

According to further speculations in the media reports, the ‘Quick phrases’ feature will act on wake phrases other than “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google.” As per the reports, this feature will probably be able to recognize and respond to your new added quick phrases, for example, “What time is it?” It will then become a new wake phrase for the Google Assistant.

The ‘Quick Phrases’ feature is thereby a fascinating feature that will let you control your device activities with just the words out of your mouth with no extra addressing to your Google Assistant. However, there may arise errors due to its expanded list of wake phrases which needs to be considered and avoided by Google.

Google Assistant getting introduced to ‘Quick phrases’ feature
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