Google Chat update helping clear incriminating evidence

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Google’s communication software, Google Chat, is getting a new update to allow users to remove Spaces group chats. Google has announced that Google Chat users who have paid subscriptions to Google Workspace will soon get the option to remove Spaces group chats completely.     

A new blog post explained that the search giant is taking the ability to remove named Spaces to Google Chat to Business Starter editions and Google Workspace Business Standard editions first; however, it’s planning to increase the range of its ability next year to online collaboration tool’s different versions.

After the new feature rolls out, Space creators will have the option to remove completely alongside all of the files, room tasks and attachments not saved somewhere else from Google Chat. Once a Space has been deleted, all of its members won’t be able to access the space, its files or the member list.

Erasing Spaces in Google Chat

In addition to clearing clutter and making it easier to explore often used Spaces, Google Chat’s option to erase a group chat can also be helpful for workers worried that administration might be going through their old chats.  

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The blog post shows Google pointing out that Google Workspace editions won’t get the feature that comes equipped with Google Vault, the information governance and eDiscovery tool of the company. In case of business upgrades from the Workspace’s Business Starter edition or the Business Standard to one compatible with Google Vault, the capacity to erase named Spaces won’t be available.

Initially, this feature will be available for G Suite Basic, Google Workspace Business Standard and Business Starter customers, and Google is now planning to make it available next year for almost all editions of online collaboration tools.

It’s currently not available for Google Workspace Essentials, Google Workspace Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Frontline, and Nonprofits, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Business customers.

Google Chat update helping clear incriminating evidence
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