AMC Theaters now lets you buy movie tickets with Bitcoin


AMC Theaters, who is supposedly known to be the king of the memestocks, declared in August to let the people be able to pay for the movie tickets and allowances using Bitcoin by the end of the year 2021, and so you can now make payments using crypto.

AMC is not just offering you to pay with Bitcoin, but also other blockchains, including, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin to make purchases online. The news has been broken through a tweet from CEO Adam Aron, CoinTelegraph. He furthered that the payments can also be made using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal services.

As per the update by Adam Aron, the tweet says about the payment methods that are only applied for online purchases. This means you may not be able to buy personal stuff at a theater. He elaborates, “the new payment methods already account for 14 percent of our total online transactions.” This specified percentage is not clarified to be referred to as cryptocurrencies or all other methods mentioned in his tweet. Meanwhile, AMC is yet to reveal more details.

Those unaware of using cryptocurrency for payment need not be getting nervous about making payments on AMC. When you proceed with the payment on AMC’s website you get to see PayPal listed as one of the payment methods with the note that it supports cryptocurrencies. Payment using PayPal would require you to first log in to your PayPal account and select the cryptocurrency that is available as the payment for AMC product at that time. So possibly if you choose to pay with a different method of cryptocurrency, you may have to try again with the available option.

The owners of Dogecoin should also be able to make payment soon as Aron says the company is already looking forward to including the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency in the payment option.

AMC Theaters now lets you buy movie tickets with Bitcoin
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