How to Download & Install Brother Printer Drivers [LATEST]

Install Brother Printer Drivers

To Download & Install Brother Printer Drivers, Click Below

Brother Printer Drivers & Brother model requires software and driver installed on your pc or laptop. Also, all components and connections should be in their right places and associated correctly. The setup software package includes Brother Printer Software and Driver in one file, easily available to download from the official manufacturer site.

If you are looking for a quick way to download the Brother Printer driver, you’ve reached the right platform. The guide below will introduce brother printer driver download and installation guidelines using Brother Printer Installer.   

Why does your PC need Brother Printer Driver?

If you are a Brother Machine user, installing printer drivers is essential. Your printer can’t understand the direct commands by the computer, so the driver decodes into the printer’s language and vice-versa for the computer. Therefore, installing the Brother Printer machine driver is directly linked to printing results.

Download Brother Printer Drivers Windows 10 /11 

Brother printer driver download is a quick and easy process where first the user needs Brother Printer Installer on the computer, then start the installation next. We’ll explain two methods of brother driver download here. The first is automatic and recommended for the user, and the other is a manual process through your computer. Here’s how to download brother printer drivers windows 10 / 11 using both methods.

1 – Automatic Brother Driver Download Method (Recommended)

We’ll use a driver updater tool to download the latest drivers for your Brother printer in this method.

  1. Click to get eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro on your PC.

  1. Open the Downloads folder and double-click on driverupdaterprosetup.exe.
esoftsafe driver updater pro 1
  1. Read the terms of use and accept the user license agreement. 
esoftsafe driver updater pro 2
  1. Once installation is done, launch the eSoftSafe Driver Updater from the Windows search menu or desktop.
esoftsafe driver updater pro 3
  1. Now, it’ll scan for your Brother Printer drivers.
esoftsafe driver updater pro 4
  1. If there’s no driver available for your Brother machine, the Missing Driver section shows it. Click for brother driver download on your PC.
  2. Next time your printer driver will get updated automatically.   

2- Manual Brother Printer Driver Download Method

If you are not going for an automatic method to use Brother Printer Installer on your computer, you can also go through the manual method. However, its important to make sure that you visit relevant sources to download compatible drivers for your Brother printer. Incorrect drivers don’t give appropriate results. Follow these steps to download the Brother Machine driver manually;

  1. Go to Brother Manufacturer site, i.e.,
  2. On the right side, find the Downloads option.
  3. Click on Downloads, and the complete operating systems list will appear.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 1
  1. Select your current device OS, i.e., Windows 10 (64-bit), and click OK.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 2
  1. You can either select the full software package or the ISIS driver.
  2. As you are looking for the driver, click ISIS driver to open the Brother Printer driver download page.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 3
  1. Accept the EULA next.
  2. Clicking on Agree EULA button automatically starts downloading the driver package.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 4
  1. If your system couldn’t start the download, click on the link that says – “If your download does not start automatically, please click here.”
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 5
  1. Double-click on Brother Printer Installer to install the driver setup.

How to install it?

When you manually download the Brother driver for the printer model, you must also take installation action. Therefore, once you download the driver setup, take more actions to install it on your PC.

  • Open the brother driver download location on your computer. The default location is Downloads.
  • Select Decompress if a pop-up appears.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 6
  • Look for the ISISDriver folder and click to open it.
  • Double-click on ISISDriver setup.exe.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 7
  • Select the preferred language.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 8
  • Wait for the Brother Printer Installer to prepare the installation.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 9
  • Click Next and select the setup type. Complete or custom.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 10
  • Click Install to begin brother printer driver installation.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 11
  • Once installation ends, click Finish to close the Brother installShield window.
Brother Printer Driver Download Method 12
  • You can connect your Brother model to your PC and start the print.

Install Brother Printer built-in drivers in Windows  

Windows users are in benefit from installing Brother Printer drivers windows 10/11. It includes built-in drivers for Windows 8, 10, and 11. Though these drivers require timely updates, they can work for you if you need quick installation a few times. Also, the different connection methods may change the Brother Printer driver installation steps.

  1. Go to Windows main menu and search & open the control panel.
  2. Open Hardware and sound.
  3. Just below the Hardware and sound, click on Add a device.
Brother Printer built-in drivers in Windows 1
  1. Wait for your Windows PC to search for an available Brother printer.
Brother Printer built-in drivers in Windows 2
  1. Select your Brother model and click Next.
Brother Printer built-in drivers in Windows 3
  1. Select Sharing option and click Next to add it.
Brother Printer built-in drivers in Windows 4
  1. With the printer installation, drivers install automatically.

Note: If your Windows PC is not updated, then the driver can occur problems in printing and other functioning on your Brother model. Therefore, check for updates to correctly install brother printer drivers in windows 10/11.

Cannot install brother printer drivers. Fix-It.

It’s a problem that users may experience on their PC. If you can’t install Brother Printer drivers windows 10, you should first ensure your system compatibility for drivers. Then, you can try a few fixes mentioned below; 

  • Do not install in-built drivers if you try to install the latest ones.
  • After the brother driver download completes, extract the file and then execute it to install on your PC.
  • Maybe the Brother Printer Installer is not detecting the model. Hence, turn on your printer and connect to your PC via a USB cable. Make sure to have a strong connection between your computer and the Brother Printer model.
  • Remove registry information and all driver files and download the setup again.
  • Change your system antivirus settings. Sometimes, the antivirus blocks driver installation. 

FAQs by Brother Printer users –

How do I know if my Brother Printer machine driver is up to date?

Print a page as testing in your Brother printer and see the results. If the print is low quality and shows an error, your machine driver is outdated. If you are an eSoftSafe Driver Updater user (the tool shown in the automatic download method), simply scan your PC to find out the Brother Driver problem and fix it.

Is Windows 10 compatible with Brother printers?

Windows 8, 10, and Windows 11 are compatible with Brother Printers through drivers.

Where do I find my Brother Model printer driver?

Here’s how to check the driver for the Brother printer.

  • Open the Printers & scanners list in your Windows settings.
  • Open Print server properties by scrolling down.
  • Open Drivers.
  • Find your Brother model.
  • Check its drivers.

How to update my Brother Printer driver?

Use Esoftsafe Driver updater pro tool for auto-updates. Otherwise, uninstall older printer drivers and manually install new ones from brother printer drivers download site.  

How to Download & Install Brother Printer Drivers [LATEST]
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