How To Fix No Sound on Windows 10 [SOLVED] – Easy Steps

No sound on windows 10? It’s the most common issue that Windows 10 has experienced once in its life. No sound on computer Windows 10 means your system won’t have any sound when you try to play an audio or video. If you are experiencing a “Windows 10 sound not working” error, this guide will help you fix the issue.  

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No Sound on Windows 10

Symptoms –

Windows sound not working

No sound on windows 10

Cause –

There could be a few causes of why your Windows sound not working. 

  • Check the mute / unmute option.   
  • Check if Audio Enhancements are enabled. 
  • Connection issues.
  • Missing drivers or corrupt drivers.
  • The Speaker settings are incorrect.
  • The issue is the audio driver.

How to fix the “Windows 10 sound not working” error?

If your windows 10 sound stopped working and there’s no sound on computer Windows 10. Check below for methods and solutions to fix the Sound not working error.

Fix 1 – Check Your System Volume Isn’t Muted

If you can’t hear any sound, check the volume first and see if its unmute. Also, check the cable connection of your headphones, speaker, and other connected devices. 

  • In the taskbar sound icon, right-click and select the Open Volume Mixer option.
  • Check the Volume Mixer slider and slide to its top. 
No Sound on Windows 10
  • Another issue is going on if there is still no sound on Windows 10.

Fix 2 – Check Your Speaker Settings

Speaker settings may occur with no sound on a computer windows 10. Hence, check the Speaker settings using the below steps; 

  • Open the sound options by right-clicking on the desktop icon.
No Sound on Windows 10
  • Select Playback devices.   
  • See if the green tick on Speakers checks the default playback device. 
  • Make sure the speaker is already set as default. Otherwise, click Set Default > OK. 
  • Click on the Advanced tab and choose a different sample rate in Default Format.
No Sound on Windows 10
  • Hit on Test and repeat the process until the issue solves.

Fix 3 – Disable Audio Enhancements in Windows 

Audio enhancement could be one of the basic causes for Windows 10 sound not working and audio issues. If its enabled, then you should disable or turn off the audio enhancements;

  • Open Control Panel in your Windows 10.
  • View by the Small icon in the Control panel.
  • Click on Sound and select a Default Device option.
No Sound on Windows 10
  • Choose Properties.
  • Navigate to the Enhancements tab and click on the check box of Disable all enhancements.
No Sound on Windows 10
  • Hit OK and see if the issue is fixed or not. 

Fix 4 – Windows Audio Troubleshooter 

Windows offers troubleshooting for many of its hardware and driver programs. So you should try the audio troubleshooter when there’s no sound on windows 10. These troubleshooters are built-in. Though this method maynot fix your issue always, sometimes it works perfectly for some devices;

  • Press the Windows key + I key on your keyboard.
  • Go to the Update & Security tab.
  • Click troubleshoot in the side panel.
  • Click the Additional Troubleshooters tab.
  • Hit on the Playing Audio tab. It’ll expand the troubleshooting.
No Sound on Windows 10
  • Click on Run the troubleshooter tab and wait for it to detect the problem.
  • Let the troubleshooter fix the audio issue.

Fix 5 – Update Windows Audio Driver

If the audio driver in your Windows system is outdated or corrupted, then most chances are that your Windows sound not working. To fix it, you can use the manual go to the official site, or driver update method use the automatic driver update method. 

1- Update from manufacturer official site.

If there is no sound on computer windows 10, you should update your Audio drivers. However, updating the audio drivers from the audio manufacturer could be time-consuming. The main concern is that if you visit the right manufacturer portal or not because unofficial sites may downlaod unnecessary files or viruses instead of the correct drivers.

  1. First, check the manufacture of your system audio driver.
  2. Press Win key + X and hit on Device manager from shown list.
No Sound on Windows 10
  1. Expand Audio inputs and right-click on the audio driver.
  2. Click on Uninstall driver. Then go back to the same option or repeat steps 2 and 3. 
No Sound on Windows 10
  1. Click on Properties and check the manufacturer’s name.
  2. Then, search for the manufacturer’s site in your regular browser,
  3. Once you visit the manufacturer’s official site, download the audio drivers. 
  4. Install drivers and check if your Windows audio is working or not.   

2- Update the audio driver manually. 

Its another method where you can update the audio driver manually. Though, it may not work for some Windows users.

  1. Press the Windows and X keys together.
  2. A list appears on your screen. Click on Device Manager. 
  3. Select “Audio input and outputs” to expand it.
  4. Now, choose the audio driver you think is outdated.
  5. Right-click on it and click Update Driver.  
  6. Select the Search Autiomatically drivers tab and install new audio drivers.   

3- Update driver using Driver Updater tool.

Use the eSoftSafe driver updater pro tool and automatically update your Driver Updater tool. This tool doesn’t take much time, and you don’t need any skills. Here’s how to use this tool.

  1. Install the driver updater in your Windows system.

  1. Run the eSoftSafe driver updater to scan for sound drivers.
  1. Click the missing and outdated driver list and click update on the audio driver.  

Fix 6 – Restart Audio Driver 

If windows 10 sound not working, then restarting the audio driver can help you fix it. Restart your audio drivers with the below;

  1. Press Win+R on the keyboard to start the run box.
  2. Enter services.msc and right-click on Audio service.
No Sound on Windows 10
  1. Click restart and see if Sound is coming or not. 

Fix 7 – Update Windows BIOS

The hardware incompatibility can cause no sound on computer windows 10 problem. In this case, you should make some tweaks to your BIOS update. 

Reboot the PC system, and press the key. i.e., F2, F12, or Del, then enter BIOS. Next, find the setting to enable or disable the sound card. Then, enable it. 

When its already enabled, compare the BIOS version with the latest version on the manufacturer’s website. 

With all the above solutions, we hope the no sound on windows 10 problem has been resolved, and you are enjoying the Sound on your Windows system.

How To Fix No Sound on Windows 10 [SOLVED] – Easy Steps

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