Fixing PIXMA TR150 Error 410C

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Error codes in canon printer indicate the symptoms of any issue. And with each code, the solution is also available. Canon PIXMA TR150, the portable wireless printer, may encounter the error code 410C. If you have the model TR150 and get the error code 410C, you’ve to take the appropriate action shown in this article.

Why does Error 410C appear on PIXMA TR150?

The main cause of the error 410C is custom template saving failure. It happens because of any other template already saved to the same location. 

How to fix Error code 410C?

The error code is related to the custom template and goes through any of the below methods to fix the error. First of all, when you see the error, press OK to close the pop-up.

Save a custom template that you use frequently

The custom template you use many times needs to be saved in a specified slot. When you save such templates in the PIXMA TR150, you can use and print your docs without a computer.     

Here’s how to save the custom template in the Canon printer;

  • Go to the File menu and select the Print command.
  • Choose your PIXMA model.
  • Click on Properties or Preferences to open the printer driver’s Setup.
  • A small box near “Save to the printer as a custom template” is unchecked. Hence, check on this box.
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  • Customize the destination and enter the template name.
  • With the same steps, you can save 5 custom templates.
  • Then, click on the OK tab to finish the process.
  • The custom template is saved to your PIXMA TR150.  

Print saved template in PIXMA TR150

The template you saved recently can be printed with the below steps;

  1. See if the ON lamp is lit and ensure the PIXMA TR150 is turned on.
  2. Open the rear tray cover and pull out the paper support.
  3. If the > and < are aligned, slide the paper guide to outside.
  4. Load the paper facing the print side towards you.
  5. Slide the paper guide and set the paper thickness lever.
  6. Make sure the page size and media type are the same sizes.
  7. Now, go to the HOME screen and tap Setup> Custom Template Print.
  8. Select the file and tap on Print Template.
  9. Use the up and down arrow to select the number of copies to print.

Remove the custom template from the PIXMA TR150

The custom template which is not in use may space your printer memory; hence we suggest you delete those templates and save the frequently used template. The process of removing a custom template goes through printing a template. The only difference is, you’ve to select Delete Template instead of Print Template.    

  1. Open the Setup on the home screen.
  2. In the shown list, select Custom Template Print.
  3. Choose a file and select the Delete template option.
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  1. The template is removed successfully.

When you remove a template in Canon PIXMA TR150, you can add another template to print directly.    

Fixing PIXMA TR150 Error 410C
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