HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working [Fixed]

HP Keyboard Not Working

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Is your HP laptop keyboard stopped working suddenly? This guide may help your fix that issue and get your laptop back to work. 

Symptoms –

HP laptop keyboard not working

Cause –

If an HP keyboard not working, then there could be a few causes included below;

  • Locked Keyboard.
  • Other keyboards interference.
  • Damaged keys
  • Connection issues.  
  • Missing drivers.
  • Dust inside the keyboard
  • Updated or corrupted keyboard drivers.

How to fix your HP keyboard is not working? 

If your HP keyboard not working, then you will require to check the exact issue first. First, analyze your Keyboard and see if the particular keys are not working or the complete Keyboard has stopped working.  

1- Check Keyboard Settings

Settings have a big role in any device connected to your computer. Hence, for the HP keyboard, check its settings.

  1. Hit on the start button on your HP system.
  2. Open settings and click on Time & language.
HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working
  1. Click on Region & language on the left side.
HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working
  1. Check the English (United States).  
  2. Open the Options tab and check if the Keyboard is chosen as the US.
HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working
  1. If not, select the country accordingly.  

2- Check Connections 

If you are using an external keyboard on your HP system and it’s not working, check the USB or wireless connections on your keyboard and windows system. Then, disconnect the Keyboard and reconnect. 

3- Have you run the Keyboard troubleshooter?

HP laptops have built-in troubleshooters, and a keyboard troubleshooter is a workable solution when your hp laptop keyboard not working. Hence, you should try the below-troubleshooting step;

  1. In your HP Windows search menu, search Troubleshoot.
  2. Open Troubleshoot setting,
  3. Then, click Additional troubleshooters in the middle of the windows.
  4. A list of troubleshooters would appear on the screen. Click on Keyboard.
HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working
  1. Click on Run the troubleshooter tab.
  2. Wait for it to detect the hardware issue and see why your HP keyboard not working.
  3. Click to fix the problem.   

4- Update or Reinstall Keyboard Drivers 

If your Keyboard drivers are not updated or missing on your HP computer, you will see your HP laptop keyboard not working. In-built drivers downloaded from HP support expire after a time, so you need to keep them up-to-date to work well. In this case, you can either go through a manual method and repeat the process whenever the driver is outdated or use an automatic tool to update the driver automatically. Here’s how to do it;

Use device manager to update the Keyboard drivers using – 

Its the in-built driver update in your HP windows system through the device manager. You will need to update drivers repeatedly when they get missing or outdated. 

  1. You can also press Windows + X keys on your HP keyboard.
  2. Open the Device Manager to see the hardware categories.
  3. Expand the keyboard section.
  4. Then, right-click on your HP keyboard driver.
HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working
  1. Click on Update Driver, search for drivers and follow instructions to update the keyboard drivers manually.  

Use the Driver Updater tool to update the Keyboard driver –

Driver Updater tools install all drivers automatically on Windows PCs. Here we’ll use eSoftsafe Driver Updater Pro to install drivers to fix the “HP laptop keyboard not working” issue.  

  1. Install eSoftsafe Driver Updater Pro.
driver updater pro

  1. Open and scan your HP laptop.
driver updater pro
  1. Find the missing or outdated keyboard drivers.
driver updater pro
  1. Click Update to install new drivers. 

5- Perform a Hard Reset

A hard reset could help your HP printer keyboard to work like new. Unfortunately, though, it may remove the data on your computer. Therefore, we recommend choosing it as your last option if nothing fixes your hp keyboard not working issue. Also, use this option when you can’t log in to your HP desktop and cannot use advanced startup options.

  • Turn off your HP laptop. 
  • Then, disable and remove all other external devices.  
  • Disconnect the AC adapter by removing it from the PC, Laptop.
  • Remove the PC from any docking station or port replicator.
  • Make sure to remove it from the battery compartment.
  • Press the power button and hold  for 15 to 20 seconds. Then release it.
  • Insert the battery to reconnect the laptop.
  • Plug in the AC adapter to reconnect it.
  • Don’t connect any other device from outside for now, and press the Power button.
  • Use the arrow key when the startup menu opens and click on the Start Windows Normally option.
  • Press Enter key to finish the hard reset.

If you still see your HP laptop keyboard not working, then maybe its the physical issue with your Keyboard. In these cases, check the Keyboard, make it dust-free using the air blow or a brush, then type something to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, maybe your laptop need keyboard replacement and your HP printer needs support from a nearby tech service center.

HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working [Fixed]

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