Instagram to add Live moderators working on Stories like button


Instagram has been in the news for several reasons in the recent past, and one of the reasons includes the addition of new features to this platform. Presently, Instagram is on the verge of getting updated with a few new features for iOS users in the future, revealed Instagram’s reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi.

Also, Instagram has been working on the feature to add moderators to its live videos. Having this feature enabled on an Instagram profile, the moderator will get the capability to turn off comments, questions, going live requests, and so on.

The update of the advancement of this feature gets out by Paluzzi through a tweet, where he said that users on Instagram will be able to add only one moderator to a live video. The earlier update on the same did not clarify how many people could be able to moderate a live stream. On comparing the feature with Twitter Spaces, Twitter allows you to add two co-hosts on Spaces, whereas Instagram is currently working to let the users add one moderator to assist you.

The moderators feature is missing from Instagram at the moment. The feature is the essential one for the content creators on Instagram and therefore, the company is working on the feature to make it more and more striking.

In addition to this, Instagram is also working to bring an update for the Stories with the ability to like them. The company had already started testing the feature in August. The company has also included a preliminary screen about the Stories feature over the last couple of months, which is supposedly a test and not a permanent feature. Also, Paluzzi shared that the likes on Stories will be visible at the same place where the list of Story viewers has appeared. He also shared a glimpse of the appearance of the like button in the list of viewers.

Instagram to add Live moderators working on Stories like button
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