Fix Mouse Lagging & Freezes in Windows 10/11 [SOLVED]

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Most users managed to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 without any pay, whereas similar to another predecessor, it also encounters several problems, and mouse lagging is one of them. Windows 10 mouse lag is also a common issue that often results in an annoying computing experience.

Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11

If you see the “mouse freezes windows 10 /11” error, this guide will help you fix mouse stuttering windows 10/11.  

Symptoms –

The mouse is lagging in Windows 10 or 11 

Windows 10 mouse lag

Depending on the mouse type – wired and wireless the solutions may change. Let’s see how to fix it.

Why my mouse is lagging

Mouse lagging in Windows 10 or 11 could be the result of below some causes –

  1. Connection or hardware issues 
  2. File Explorer bug
  3. Conflicting Pooling Rate
  4. Mouse Trail bug
  5. Enabled Adaptive Sync 
  6. Outdated, missing, or corrupt mouse drivers.

How do I fix the “mouse freezes windows 10” error?

When you searched for “my mouse is lagging, what to do?” you can use a few fixes mentioned below. Also, we would recommend you ensure your mouse type first. Then, use the below solutions:-


If the mouse freezes Windows 10 /11 error occurs in the wired mouse, then the first thing you should try is to disconnect and reconnect your wired mouse. It helped many users to get back their mouses to work.


Check batteries and Bluetooth connection issues. Connections in wireless mice are different than wired ones. Hence you may face mouse lagging issues more. Reconnecting the mouse connection is the first solution to fix it.

Reconnect Your Bluetooth Mouse 

For a Bluetooth mouse, follow the below steps;

  1. Press the Win + I keys.
  2. Open settings with the above keys and select Bluetooth & devices. 
  3. Find your mouse and remove the device by using three dots.
  4. Again, turn on your mouse to prepare for connection.
  5. In windows 10, click Add device.
Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11 - 2
  1. Click Bluetooth and add your mouse model to your Windows 10.

Check mouse settings before you go for any mouse lagging solution below. 

  • Open the Settings app. 
  • Move to Bluetooth & devices.
  • Modify the pointer and scrolling settings.
  • You can disable the “Scroll inactive window when hovering over them'” option.

If it doesn’t help you with windows 10 mouse lag, read the fixes below and follow them.

Fix 1 – Restart File Explorer

Upgrading to Windows 11 patches so many bugs and carry new features. If your system has a File Explorer bug, it can cause most windows 10 mouse lag problems. Here’s how to fix using Explorer restart.

  1. Press the Win R key.
  2. It’ll open the run dialog box where you’ve to enter taskmgr 
  3. Press enter or click OK to open Task Manager.
Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11 - 3
  1. Click on the Windows Explorer app
  2. Hit on Restart. 

Fix 2 – Install All Windows Updates   

Windows updates come with bug fixes and carry some new features. So if your mouse is lagging, the update possibly would help you fix the error.

  1. Open Settings in your Windows 10 or 11 using Win I keys.
  2. Select Windows update or Click on Check for updates. 
  3. Wait for your Windows PC to update OS.
Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11 - 4
  1. Hit on Restart Now after the update completes
  2. Move your mouse to see if it’s working.

If mouse stuttering windows 10 is still appearing, then use another fix.

Fix 3 – Disable Mouse Pointer Trails

Your mouse with pointer trails is a new accessibility feature added in Windows 11 and available in windows 10. Some users encountered a mouse lagging issue with mouse trails. If you are one of those users, then disable the Mouse Pointer Trails:-

  1.  Open RUN box using Win + R button press.
  2. Enter main.cpl and open Mouse Properties. 
Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11 - 5
  1. Open Pointer Options and navigate to the Visibility section.
  2. Untick the Display pointer trails and apply the setting.

Fix 4 – Run the Troubleshooter

Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11 - 6

Mouse freezes windows 10 error could result from internal hardware issues, so hardware troubleshooter in Windows can sometimes fix it. Press the win key and R key and enter msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic. Press Enter and hit next to start the troubleshooter.

Fix 5 – Update Mouse Driver  

Mouse drivers are essential to communicate with your mouse device and the Windows PC. Depending on your mouse and computer brand, the driver manufacturer may change. Manually, it takes a longer time to update the driver. Therefore, we’ll use an automatic tool for your mouse driver update.   

  1. Download this automatic Driver Updater tool below.
Driver Updater Pro

  1. Install and run on your Windows PC.
  2. The next step is scanning your Windows for outdated mouse drivers.
Driver Updater Pro
  1. Click the Update button in front of your mouse driver. 
Driver Updater Pro

Additional Solutions To Fix Mouse Stuttering Windows 10 Error

If your mouse is still lagging after using all the above fixes, it could be the two different things causing mouse speed slow or stuck. These two fixes are applied to the systems which support the feature. 

Disable Adaptive Sync –

Adaptive Sync is available mostly in 4k monitors with a high refresh rate. Though, it could or couldn’t solve your mouse device problem. But atleast have a try;

  1. Press Windows key + S key.
  2. Open Search function.
  3. Search Nvidia Control Panel
Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11 - 7
  1. Hit on Set Up G-Sync on the left.
  2. Go to the menu on the right and untick on the Enable G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible box. 

Finally, restart your computer in order to make the changes permanent and monitor the situation to see if the issue is now fixed.

Lower The Pooling Rate –

When the pooling rate is upto 1000Hz, your mouse stuttering may get slow, but sometimes 500 Hz also occur the mouse lagging issue. In this case, follow the below steps to reduce the pooling rate;

Mouse Lagging in Windows 10/11 - 8
  1. Unplug the mouse.
  2. On your keyboard, press the numeric button 4 and 5 keys.
  3. Plug in the mouse and wait for the wheels’ light to flash. 
  4. The polling rate will reduce to 125 Hz.

We hope your mouse starts working perfectly with the above solutions.

Fix Mouse Lagging & Freezes in Windows 10/11 [SOLVED]

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