Resolving Canon printer error 5c20

Canon error 5c20

Are you a Canon printer user? Have you been noticing an error code 5c20 in your Canon printer? You may probably be an owner of an MX series from Canon. The Canon error 5c20 has been mostly reported by the MX series owners around the world. Don’t get bothered with such an error, and instead of panicking, get through the recovery techniques discussed in this article.

The recovery ideas below will let you quickly apply the techniques and overcome the issues as soon as possible.

Canon Error 5c20 recovery techniques

The error code 5c20 most likely occurs due to the fault in the logic board, preventing it from moving the rollers and carriage of your printer. You can try to get your printer out of it by taking the few effective measures discussed below:

Reset your printer hardware

canon error 5c20

Resetting your Canon printer hardware requires you to take the following simple steps:

  • Firstly, press the power button on your printer and wait until it turns off.
  • Next, remove your printer’s power cord from the power socket on the wall.
  • After waiting for about a minute, reconnect the power cord you just removed to the power socket on the wall.
  • Press the power button, now to turn your printer on.
  • As soon as your printer turns on, attempt a test print to check if the printer has started working normally.

By taking this step you ensure your device’s flash memory gets erased thus resetting the printer. One should consider this step to deal with any issue related to the Canon printer.

Check if your print head is functional

canon error 5c20

In case if the resetting of your printer couldn’t get you the expected results, you can try this method to deal with the issue. You may consider this troubleshooting technique if you come across a rattling sound from the inside of your Canon printer. This sound may have been produced due to error code 5c20 in your printer.

You need to be assured that this error is due to a fault in your print head and to do that, first, disconnect the power cord of your printer from the power outlet or a wall socket, and then remove the cover of your printer. Furthermore, lift to open the ink tanks’ panel, and detach the cartridges and keep them aside for a while. Clean the print head and the surrounding area. If necessary, consider replacing the print head with the new one to ensure the efficient operation of the hardware.   

Check and replace Purge Drive System Unit

In some cases, the error 5c20 may have resulted from the pump roller sensor. In such a situation, the purge drive system unit should be replaced right away.

Adjust carriage belt’s position

After trying the above method of troubleshooting, if you are still facing the issue, then consider examining the position of the printer’s carriage belt. The carriage belt is responsible for the back and forth movement of the printer, thus putting the ink on paper getting the desired output in the form of a printout.  

The carriage belt is located behind the carriage of the printer. In order to check the belt, you need to remove the carriage from its position and then use a light source to check the carriage whether it is slipped or not.

All the above methods are effective in their own ways and are sufficient to resolve issues like this. However, by any chance, if none of these could get you any help to overcome the canon error 5c20 in your Canon printers, you should consider contacting Canon customer support by visiting the official webpage of Canon.

Resolving Canon printer error 5c20
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