Ricoh IM C4500/C6000 Driver Download – [Easy Steps]

Ricoh IM C4500/C6000 is a multifunction color printer. It prints with 45 to 60 CPM speed and adds value to your business. However, to function the device correctly, you must install Ricoh im c4500 driver and Ricoh im c6000 driver. If you are looking for these two drivers, then the below guide will help you download and install them on your system.

Problem – 

Can’t Install Ricoh IM C4500 Driver

Can’t Install Ricoh IM C6000 Driver

Quick Solution –

Scan Your Device and install C4500/C6000 Using Driver Updater Tool.

Ricoh IM C4500 Driver

How to install Ricoh C4500/C6000 Driver?  

Downloading the Ricoh IM C4500 driver or Ricoh IM C6000 driver can easily be performed. You can install these drivers with the below methods. 

1- Download the Ricoh C4500/C6000 Driver From the Official Site 

If you are looking for the C4500/C6000 driver download, you can go to the official Ricoh site.

  1. Go to the official Ricoh website.
Ricoh IM C4500 Driver
  1. This page will show you the Ricoh im c4500 driver and Ricoh im c6000 driver.
  2. On the IM C4500/C6000 page, select the operating system in the Your OS section. 
  3. Scroll down and select the v.34 driver setup to download the Ricoh C4500/C6000 driver.  
Ricoh IM C4500 Driver
  1. Wait for it to download completely. If any prompt appears, click on Save File.
  2. Open the downloads folder or the location where you saved the location. 
  3. Find the z967718L1a.exe file and double-click to start the installation.    
  1. If the user account prompt account appears, click Yes to continue. 
  2. When the license agreement appears, read it and click I accept.
  3. Follow installation instructions and finish the installation.

2- Install the Ricoh C4500/C6000 Driver using Driver Updater Tool 


If you have previously installed the Ricoh im c4500 driver and Ricoh im c6000 driver and its crashed or outdated, then you require a tool to update it. Though, if you don’t want the longer method shown above, use the eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro tool to install the Ricoh C4500/C6000 drivers automatically. Here’s how you can you downlaod and install the driver instantly;

  1. Click below to downlaod the Driver updater tool.
Driver Updater Pro

  1. Double click on eSoftSafedriverUpdaterPro.exe on the downloads folder.
  2. Allow the program to be installed on your 
  3. Start the installation and accept the license agreement.
Driver Updater Pro
  1. Follow further instructions on the desktop window to install it completely.
Driver Updater Pro
  1. Launch the eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro from the taskbar or Windows menu.
Driver Updater Pro
  1. Once opened, wait for it to start the scan. Otherwise, click the Scan button manually.
Driver Updater Pro
  1. The issues and updates appear in the driver option. Click Fix Now. 
Driver Updater Pro
  1. If your system has no Ricoh im c4500 driver and Ricoh im c6000 driver, it’ll appear to install on the eSoftSafe program. You only need to click the Update button and wait for the Ricoh C4500/C6000 drivers installation.

The eSoftSafe Driver Updater will notify you next time whenever your driver gets expires or is lost anyhow. In addition, you’ll be able to update C4500/C6000 drivers automatically.   

3- Update the Ricoh C4500/C6000 from Device Manager

Though the above two methods are enough for a Windows user to install Ricoh im c4500 driver and Ricoh im c6000 driver, there’s another method to update these drivers. It’s quite a time taken to process, but you can go for it. 

  1. Ensure your keyboard is working. Then, press the Windows and X keys. 
  2. Select the device manager.
  3. Go to the print queue and expand it.
  4. Look for Ricoh im c4500 driver and Ricoh im c6000 driver. Right-click on c4500/c6000 driver.
  5. Select “Update Driver” option. 
Ricoh IM C6000 Driver
  1. Select the option to search the driver automatically.   
  2. Wait for this function to detect for C4500/C6000 driver, then click to install it. If it couldn’t find the driver, go back to step 4.
  3. Select the “Uninstall Device” tab and disconnect your Ricoh printer. 
  4. When everything is removed from your system, follow method 1 to install the im c4500/c6000 driver.    

Installing the Ricoh im c4500 driver and Ricoh im c6000 driver makes your printer work smoothly without any interruption or errors. First, ensure you have reconnected your printer using a USB cable or the wireless Bluetooth connection. Next, read your Ricoh manual to see how to connect it to your system, then follow accordingly. We hope you have successfully installed the driver and its printing perfectly.  

Ricoh IM C4500/C6000 Driver Download – [Easy Steps]

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