Epson ES-400 Driver | Download [Easy Steps]

Epson ES-400 is the duplex doc scanner machine. It organizes everything faster and is the perfect option for the office or home. This model is an easy-to-use performer and reliable. It uses the Single-Step Technology and scans with the 35 ppm/70 ipm1 speed, capturing from both sides in one pass. 

Quick Way To Install Epson ES-400 Driver

Here is the best way to install Epson ES400 drivers. Click below to download the Epson ES 400 drivers using the eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro tool. Scan and click to install the Epson ES-400 Driver. 

Driver Updater Pro
Epson ES-400 Driver

Also, it has a 50-page Auto Document Feeder that allows you to breeze using documents’ stack from extra-long pages, business cards, and more. To keep working with your Epson ES 400 model, you need to install Epson ES-400 Driver. The guide on this page shows you the correct way to set up the software and drivers on your system.         

How to Download and Install Epson ES-400 Driver?

Downloading and installing the Epson ES-400 Driver is an easy process. You can use the setup CD to install the Epson ES-400 on a system. Drivers and software in the setup CD cannot be updated, affecting the machine performance. Hence, it is essential to have the ES-400 Driver and software for your Epson model. You can use a few methods to install and update the ES-400 Driver. Check below and follow one of the suitable methods.

The Epson ES400 software and Driver are compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 operating systems.      

Install ES-400 Driver Using Manually  

There are two methods to install the ES-400 driver on a system. Using the official site or using the device manager. Here’s how you can go for both;

Method 1- From Epson’s Official website 

First-time users can use this method. If you have not connected your Epson to your system, visiting the official site and installing drivers is the best way to set up the ES scanner.       

1- Go to the Epson Office site.

Epson ES-400 Driver

2- Select your operating system, i.e., Windows 10 64-bit.

Epson ES-400 Drivers

3- You can open the combo package installer, scanner diver, and Epson Scan utility. Click on the download tab.

4- Wait for your system to download the Epson ES-400 Driver setup.

Epson ES400 Driver

5- Go to the downloads folder and search for the ES400_EScan2_65310_AM.exe, then double-click on it.

Epson ES-400

6- Click yes to allow installation of ES-400 Driver setup.

7- Read and accept the license agreement.

8- Select Install and continue and follow on-instructions to install the ES-400 driver setup. 

Once you install the driver and software package, it’ll soon find and add your scanner to your system. Then, connect your Epson ES model to your system.   

Method 2 – From Device Manager 

You can use this method if you have already connected your system to your printer. It can update your Epson ES-400 Driver to reinstall on your system.

  1. Open Device Manager using the Window menu.
  2. Click on the print queue to expand the drivers.    
  3. Select your ES-400 Driver and right-click on it.  
  4. Click Update Driver and select the installation option automatically.
  5. Wait for it to install the Driver.
  6. If it doesn’t update the Epson ES-400 driver, go back to step 3 and click on Uninstall device option.
  7. Remove or disconnect your Espon ES400 device.
  8. Then, use method 1 to install the driver setup.

Install Epson ES400 Driver Automatically     

Driver updater tools are the ones that install all PC-connected device’s updated drivers. Even though you can update the Driver manually from the Epson website or search for the device manager, you can use a tool to install the Epson ES-400 Driver. Here we’ll use the eSoftSafe Driver updater pro tool. 

This tool helps your ES-400 Driver install and update your Windows PC, which might have been outdated, crashed, or missing. The best part of using the driver updater pro tool is you won’t require to worry about the correct drivers. Hence, check the below instructions to learn how you can install the ES-400 driver using the eSoftSafe driver updater pro;

  1. Click below to download the Driver Updater Pro tool.


  1. Go to the downloads folder and double-click on the eSoftSafeDriverUpdater.exe.
Driver Updater Pro
  1. Follow the instructions to install the tool and launch it.  
  1. Scan your system and wait for it to find the drivers.
driver updater pro
  1. Click on Fix Now to set the problematic Driver on your Epson machine.  
Driver Updater Pro
  1. Click Update to install Epson ES-400 Driver.  

We hope you have now successfully installed your Epson ES scanner using the driver setup. Search and install the Epson ES driver on your Windows system for a few minutes. Make sure your scanner and system are connected.

Epson ES-400 Driver | Download [Easy Steps]

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