How To Download Konica Minolta Printer Drivers For Windows [Easy Steps]

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If your Konica Minolta universal print driver has expired or corrupted, downloading Konica Minolta Drivers is an important task. Updating your Konica Minolta printer drivers is essential to keep your printer working in perfect condition.

We’ll include two easy Konica Minolta driver download methods – manual and automatic. If you are unaware of the Konica printer driver download step, read this guide and follow the step carefully.

What is Konica Minolta universal print driver?

Printer Drivers are a type of program that translates all commands to understand by the printer and the PC. The Konica printer driver helps your printer communicate with your Windows system. If there is no driver, your printer will start encountering errors.  

Konica Minolta universal print driver is the all-in-one software available for all models. Install its universal print software if you are looking for the Konica Minolta drivers.

Konica Minolta Driver Download 

Konica Minolta Printer drivers are available for almost all Windows systems, including Windows 10 and 11. We’ve mentioned two methods below. Read below and apply one suitable for your system and Minolta printer.

Method 1 – Download Konica Printer Driver Manually

The manual Konica Minolta driver download is a time-consuming process. Though you may find it error-prone, it’s the better way to download drivers from the manufacturer’s site. Let’s see how can you easily install it:-

  1. Open your system browser.
  2. Visit Konica Minolta Download Center.
  3. If you know your Konica model, enter it in the shown box. Otherwise, select from the given list in Product Type.
Konica Printer Drivers
  1. Expand the Drivers.
Konica Printer Drivers
  1. Click the download icon to download Konica Minolta universal print driver setup.
Konica Printer Drivers
  1. Tick on the Accept License Agreement box and choose the file.
Konica Printer Drivers
  1. Select your operating system.
Konica Printer Drivers
  1. Click the icon for Konica Minolta driver download.
  1. Once the Konica Minolta drivers setup is downloaded, double-click on the file and install it. 

Once you install the Konica Minolta software manually, you’ll have to take care of keeping it up-to-date. 

Method 2 – Install Konica Minolta Printer Drivers Automatically (Most Used)

If you are in a hurry to install or update the Konica printer driver in your Windows 10/11, then you can do it using an automatic tool – eSoftSafe Driver Updater. 

It’ll not only install your Konica driver but also keep all system drivers up-to-date. You may find it an easier method. One can also fix all problematic Konica Minolta drivers issues. Here’s how can you automatically install the Konica model driver;   

  1. Click to download the automatic Driver Updater tool.
Driver Updater Pro

  1. Install and run it.
  2. Launch eSoftSafe Driver Updater pro using Windows.
Driver Updater Pro
  1. It’ll automatically start Scanning for drivers.  
Driver Updater Pro
  1. Click Update in front of the Konica printer driver. 
  2. Your latest driver for Konica Minolta is installed.  

You can also fix all problematic drivers available in your system and can use the “Update All” tab to update multiple drivers together.

How do you install in-built Konica Minolta drivers in Windows?

Each device, including the printer, comes with in-built drivers; however, such drivers are outdated after some time. But until then, your printer would be perfect with these in-build Konica Minolta printer drivers. Here’s how can you install it;

  • Ensure your Konica printer connecting mode type – USB or Wireless.
  • If the USB is a supported model, simply connect the printer to the PC via USB. Otherwise, use the next steps.
  • Open Printers & Scanners on your Windows computer.
Konica Printer Drivers
  • Click on Add a printer or scanner icon.
  • Select your Konica printer model and hit on ADD device.
  • The in-built Konica printer driver installs automatically when the printer is added to your Windows.

It is very important to know the update process for your Konica drivers. As we said before, the in-built drivers get outdated and may crash somehow, and you should check the driver timely. Updating the Konica Minolta driver could be performed manually and automatically. 

Updating Konica Minolta Universal Print Driver 

For automatic updates, use the above-mentioned eSoftSafe Driver Updater tool. You can also follow the below steps to update it manually:-  

  1. Open Device Manager using Windows + X keys.
  2. Expand the printer categories.
  3. Right click Konica Minolta printer.
  4. Select Update Driver.
  5. Select the driver search option automatically.

With the above instructions, your Konica Minolta drivers should be updated. 

How To Download Konica Minolta Printer Drivers For Windows [Easy Steps]

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