Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Crashing/Not Opening [NEW STEPS]

Many NVIDIA users has reported their nvidia control panel crashing and causing in nvidia control panel not opening issue. So, if you are also experiencing same problem, then you need to find the cause and fix it.  

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nvidia control panel crashing


What is the NVIDIA Control Panel?

The NVIDIA Control Panel provides the graphics driver settings control and other utilities you could’ve installed on your system. It controls your settings including color correction, resolution and 3D application settings. 

Its useful for Windwos gamers and 3D applications. You can customize and handling of your rendering 3D elements. For example; enabling or disabling texture filtering, antialiasing, and VSync.    

How do you fix nvidia control panel crashing issue?

When Nvidia control panel closes after opening it, then there could be a few reasons of this –

  • Windows updates,
  • Oudated or missing drivers
  • Service issue
  • Fast startup is enabled.
  • Huge NVIDIA Display Container process

You maybe can’t define the exact cause in Nvidia control panel wont open issue. Here’s how you can solve the Nvidia control panel problems;

Fix 1 – Restart Your NVIDIA Control Panel

Restarting a NVIDIA Control Panel can help it get back to work. The first thing to try is quit the NVIDIA Control Panel task entirely and then open the application.

  1. In your taskbar, right-click and open Task Manager.
  2. Choose on the NVIDIA Control Panel.
nvidia control panel crashing
  1. Hit on the End task and wait for a few seconds.
  2. Open your NVIDIA Control Panel to see if the issue has resolved.

Fix 2 – Restart NVIDIA Services

NVIDIA installs some imporant and essetial services onto your system which runs all the graphics etc. If somehow these services stopped, then the software won’t function at all. You can use below steps to fix and prevent the problem with Nvidia control panel not opening.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys.
  2. Run the utility with the keys.  
  3. Enter services.msc and click OK.
nvidia control panel crashing
  1. A list appears, locate NVIDIA Display Container LS service.  
  2. Right-click and click on Restart.
  3. For the NVIDIA Telemetry Container, NVIDIA LocalSystem Container, and  NVIDIA NetworkService Container, repeat the step above.
  4. When all the services restarts, the NVIDIA panen should work.

Fix 3 –  Update the Windows OS

So if your Nvidia control panel crashing even after restarting the service and the control panel. You should once update your Windwos OS by opening Check For Updates and hit on the “Check for updates” in the right menu. When you install Windows OS, restart your system. Open Nvidia and if control panel closes after opening, then try another fix.

Fix 4 – Disable Fast Startup in Windows 

Windows system consider the Fast Startup feature to star your Windows PC faster, though it may cause problem with Nvidia opening because it may prevent many apps from loading on your Windows. Disable the feature if its the cause for Nvidia control panel wont open issue.

  1. Press Windows key and R keys together.
  2. Type control and click OK to open Control Panel.
nvidia control panel crashing
  1. In the Category, select view mode.  
  2. Hit on  the Hardware and Sound option.
  3. A link appears in the Power Options section – Choose what the power buttons do, and click on it.
nvidia control panel crashing
  1. The ways to system boot up appears and so modify this settings. 
  2. Click on Turn on fast startup to uncheck it and make it disable. 
nvidia control panel crashing
  1. Select on the Save changes button and restart your system.
  2. Check if NVIDIA Control Panel opens.  

Fix 4 – Update NVIDIA Drivers

You may have already interact with what drivers are and NVIDIA driver similarly translate all the commands into system to understand better. It’s the kind of software help your all video and games running perfectly on your Windows PC. If these drivers are outdated or missing or corrupted, then update your NVIDIA graphic card drivers.

You can update these graphic drivers using three methods to fix when Nvidia control panel closes after opening or Nvidia control panel not opening.

Option 1 – Update the adapter manually

This method could be longer for you to update Nvidia drivers but it can work on Windows PC well.

  • Open run utility by pressing Win R keys. 
  • Enter dxdiag without and press OK.
  • It’ll open the DirectX Diagnostics tool that allow to view system information.
nvidia control panel crashing
  • Open the Display tab and then note down the manufacturer details under the Device. 
  • Thereafter, go to the NVIDIA Drivers Download page.       
  • Enter your NVIDIA graphics card model type and download the drivers setup.
nvidia control panel crashing
  • Install the downloaded file by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart your system to fix “Nvidia control panel wont open” error.

Option 2 – Update NVIDIA drivers using Device Manager

It’s the another method to update the graphic card using the Windows system. Here’s how you can update the NVIDIA graphic card drivers;

  • Press on Win + X keys to open the options.
  • Select Device Manger to open it.
  • Expand the Display adapters.   
  • Right click on the NVIDIA graphic driver and select Update Driver.
nvidia control panel crashing
  • A prompt appears and select “Search automatically” option.
  • Wait for the driver to install latest drivers.

Option 3 – Update Using Driver Updater Pro (Recommended) 

If your Nvidia control panel closes after opening and you couldn’t update the graphic card drivers, then you can use an automatic tool. Here we’ll use eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro tool. It’ll install all required Nvidia graphic card drivers within a few seconds without any effort.

  • Download the driver updater below.
Driver Updater Pro

  • Install and launch the eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro.
Driver Updater Pro
  • Scan your PC to find graphic card drivers.
Driver Updater Pro
  • Click Update to install latest Nvidia drivers.       

Fix 5 – Have to you exit the NVIDIA Display Container process?

Nvidia control panel not opening could be related to another process. This process is named NVIDIA Display Container. If the Nvidia control panel crashing even with above all fixes, then check if the Display Container process is running. 

  1. Open Task Manager by right-click on empty space.
  2. Hit on Mode Details tab to ensure to expand the details.
nvidia control panel crashing
  1. Click Details and scroll down to see the NVIDIA Display Container process.
  2. Right-click and select End task to quit NVIDIA Display Container process.

We hope your Nvidia control is now visible to you. Also, you can unhide the NVIDIA Control Panel from view mode. Open it and click on the Desktop, then add desktop context menu with uncheck and hit on show notification tray. 

Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Crashing/Not Opening [NEW STEPS]

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