How To Do Office 365 Installation – Microsoft Office Install [EASY STEPS]

Download the below tool for trouble-free Office 365 installation.  

Office 365 installation is the easiest process to complete when you purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft products are mostly used service in Windows computers, laptops, and smartphones. Even though office 365 setup is easy to install, you may experience problems if your system has no space or any other issue like windows update, disk fragment, or any other problem. This Microsoft office install guide will help you install your Office 365 without any hassle.

Office 365 Installation

Why do you need Office 365? 

Office 365 or Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that provides Office 2019 apps and Microsoft cloud services. These apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Teams, Skype, OneNote, OneDrive, and more. These apps help you make your professional work easy like you can create professional documents, letters, and much more with MS word. Office 365 is the common programs suite available on Windows computers. So if something is making you all work easy, why would you not go for it? Microsoft 365 suite is the same.

Check a Few Things Before Office 365 Installation

Before you go for the Microsoft office install process, you should check and ensure that your system is not experiencing any issues. You can go for a tool to detect and fix all windows issues like;

  • The hard disk is full.
  • A lot of unused files and unnecessary programs are causing issues.
  • Slow Startup in Windows. 
  • Windows is not updated. etc.

If your Windows system is experiencing any issues, you can use the eSoftSafe PC Cleaner Pro tool. It’ll scan and fix all the issues to make office 365 installation easy.

  1. Download eSoftSafe PC Cleaner Pro.

  1. Install and run the tool.
  2. Click on “FIX ISSUES NOW” on the home page.
  1. Scanning starts to detect Windows issues.
  2. Click the Fix tab to fix all the Windows problems. 

Your Windows PC is ready to install the office 365 setup. When everything is fixed on the Windows system, you can start installation now.

How to purchase the Office 365 Subscription? 

First, purchase the subscription for home, personal, or business. You can purchase Office 365 with the below steps;  

  1. Go to
  2. Ensure you have created the Microsoft account. If not, click Sign In > Create Account. 
Office 365 Installation
  1. Come back to and click Sign In.
  2. Open the subscription access and select your subscription type.
  3. Click on the Buy Office option.
Microsoft Office Install
  1. Select Buy Office and choose the Office subscription, either monthly or annual.
  2. Review the information and check out the product. 
  3. Choose the payment mode and enter details.
Microsoft Office Install
  1. Click Save and select the Place Order option. 
Microsoft Office Install
  1. You will soon receive the order confirmation mail. 

If you don’t purchase the online subscription, you can go to a nearby retail store and purchase an Office 365 retail card.  

How to install Office 365 setup?

If you follow all the above instructions and your system fulfills all system requirements, then your windows system is ready for Microsoft office install. Hence, follow the below steps;

Method 1 – Using Microsoft Account 

If you purchased the subscription online, signing in to the account can easily download and install the Microsoft 365 setup. Here’s how; 

  • Open office 365 portal
  • Click Sign in and enter the MS account credential.    
  • Click on Install Office
Microsoft Office Install
  • Select the product and click install office.
  • See if you are on the download and install screen, then Install.
  • According to your web browser, choose an appropriate option to run the downloaded file.
  • You can find the microsoft365setup.exe and double-click on it to install the Office. 
  • Wait for it to complete the office 365 installation completely. 

Method 2 – Using the Product Key 

If you have the product key not redeemed yet, then you can use it to install Office 365. The product key is the 25-character code to activate all Microsoft products. To check the keycode, scratch the backside of the card’s hidden part. If you have the online key, check the received online confirmation mail of the product key. 

  1. Open your Windows browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Click Sign In tab.
Office 365 Installation
  1. Ensure you have logged in to your MS account.
  2. It should detect all other details automatically.
  3. If the product key isn’t detected, enter the product code manually.
  4. Submit the key. 
  5. It’ll show the install option. Click the Download and Install option.
  6. Click Install to download Microsoft office on your Windows PC. 
  7. Open the downloads folder and double-click on Office 365 setup.
  8. Click Allow to permit to start the installation. 
  9. Read and accept the license agreement.
Office 365 Installation
  1. Follow instructions to finish Office 365 installation.

Install Office 365 on Another Device

If you want to install Office 365 on another device, you should install it using your subscription on multiple devices. Though, it allows 5 devices with one subscription. So all you have to do is- sign in to the previously used Microsoft account. 

Get Microsoft office install on another device with your Microsoft account. Open your device and download the Office 365 setup from the Microsoft store or Microsoft web portal.

Office 365 Installation

Install the Office 365 apps on your device. Then, open one program, for example, MS Word, and find the Account option from the file tab.     

Enter your Microsoft account credentials to activate your programs automatically.     

How do you share your MS 365 subscriptions?

One can easily share MS 365 subscriptions with someone to install Office 365 on their devices. If you have the office 365 family subscription, share it with your household members. Here’s how; 

  1. Go to the Office portal and sign in to your Microsoft account. 
  2. Click on Sharing and hit on the Start Sharing tab.
Office 365 Installation
  1. The Share Office window appears where you need to choose the share option:-  
  • Invite via email. It’ll send a link to another email message.
  • Invite via link. It’ll create a link you need to copy and send to the person who needs to install office 365.    

4. When the recipient receives the link, use it to install MS office on the device.  

We hope Office 365 installation is completed now on your Windows PC. 

How To Do Office 365 Installation – Microsoft Office Install [EASY STEPS]

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