Year: 2021

Fixing Error Code 006 in Canon Printers

Canon printers often reflect the error code 006 while running their Service Tool. This tool is used to reset your Canon printer, and it is during the resetting of your printer when you happen to cross paths with the error code 006. Using a Service Tool in your Canon printer lets you reset your printer’s […]

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200

The error code 5200 in the Canon printer occurs mostly due to problems in the cartridge. If the printing results are coming only in black, even if it’s a colored document, the ink cartridge is about to empty. The low ink levels, faulty cartridge, empty cartridge and logic board issues show 5200 errors. The troubleshooting […]

(Resolved) Canon Printer B200 Error

You start your canon printer, select a document to print, and you receive a B200 Error on your printer screen. It’s a sign that your device is encountering some severe issues. It may create unnecessary interruptions in your day-to-day printing requirements.  First of all, you have to identify the cause of this error, then fix […]

Choose Best POS Software for Magento Business

Magento, a configurable and scalable platform with special features, integrates third-party and it’ll help organizations get benefits using POS systems. The quantity of powered enterprises keeps on rising, and finding the way to expand online retailers’ businesses, Magento integration works best.   Different Magento retail location integration systems available give reliable technology, but picking the right […]

Canon Pixma troubleshooting methods to resolve errors

Canon Pixma, a standard of versatility and operational flexibility, is often seen performing abnormally. It sometimes comes across errors in its functional capabilities that can be treated using effective techniques.  Given below are few errors often spotted in the performance of Canon Pixma printers, with the techniques to deal with each. Canon Pixma printing blank […]

Google Assistant getting introduced to ‘Quick phrases’ feature

Important Highlights- Google Assistant is to be introduced with a brand-new ‘Quick phrases’ feature. The feature emerged back in April with the codename Guacamole. Google Assistant is reportedly expecting an update with an introduction to a feature called “Quick phrases.” This feature will allow you to instruct Google Assistant to perform a particular task without […]

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